I have a Homemade Gourmet Seasoning Mix....now what?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Since I am really new to Homemade Gourmet, I'm having to slowly figure out what to do with all my new seasoning mixes!  (You should see my pantry OMG...it's Homemade Gourmet Central! ---if you want to buy something to try it out, I'm sure it's in my pantry!)

Okay, so I'm in what I call the "Test Kitchen" phase.  I want to try out recipes with all the seasoning mixes to see what is my favorite or a family favorite.

I search through the recipe database depending on what seasoning I have. Then I look to see what sounds good. Then I go on a bulk meat shopping spree. Because I wanted to prep the meals for my freezer and get it done in one day and eat them later. (I LOVE DOING THIS! If you haven't done this yet, call me and we'll do it together next time.....you will be so thankful you did.)  I just put 9 meals in the freezer in less then 30 minutes. LOVE IT!

Check out the wonderful recipe website that Homemade Gourmet Provides for free to everyone!

Don't let the name fool you! Soup Recipes is not all about soups, Rubs are not just for Steak, Salsa is not just for chips!


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